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The Islamic Learning Institute, Inc. (ILI) is a religious and academic institution devoted to educating Muslims and the general public about the beauty of the religion of Al-Islam. It has been educating Muslims and people of various faith traditions around the United States and abroad since 1978.

As a virtual institute of intellectual study of the religion of Al-Islam, ILI organizes seminars, workshops, teacher training, leadership development and various lecture series that help Muslims and the general public to understand the practical and natural teachings of Qur’anic principles and the Sunnah of Muhammad the Prophet (SAWS (salAllahu alayhi was sallam-peace and blessings of Allah upon him)) for a peaceful interaction among the human family around the world.
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Winter Semester Begins January 2

Start your New Year with a new Qur'aanic Arabic course.

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New Student Orientation

Sunday, January 1st @ 12:30pm CST

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                       QUR'AANIC EDUCATION

A SACRED MATTER                   

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Join us for an evening of remembrance and gratitude as we highlight reciters from each of our Qur'aanic Arabic courses and the journey from level to level.
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Come and Celebrate with us as we recognize the progress of our ILI students who successfully completed the Fall Semester.

Learn More About Our Courses!

Select a course topic below to learn more.  Enrollment ends January 8th.
Beginning Arabic
Young scholars
arabic Grammar

Are you completely new to Arabic?
Do you feel like you need to start with the basics?

This is the course for you!

Nadiyah Sa'id-West
Sunday's Section
Every Sunday 9am-10:30am CST

Introduction to Qur'aanic Arabic
Sunday or Tuesday Sections

This course is so popular we had to offer it twice.  It is structured to provide any learner with the foundation to begin their Qur'aanic Arabic journey. By the end of this course you will be able to apply basic skills of reading and writing Qur'aanic Arabic with an understanding of vowels and other markings, Arabic letters, and key vocabulary to begin comprehension.
Olaiya Humphrey
Tuesday's Section
Every Tuesday 6:30pm-8pm CST

Do you have a young scholar ages 8-14?
Are you a young believer who would love to read Qur'aan in Arabic?

This is the course for you!

Zaimah Habeeb
Young Scholars Qur'aanic Arabic - Level 1
Every Sunday 11am-1pm CST

Young Scholars Qur'aanic Arabic
Levels 1 & 2

This is an ideal course curriculum for youth to learn the language of the Qur'aan. They begin with the alphabet using a unique and easy technique with the assimilation of the vowel system, completing level one with basic reading skills. In our second level course students build on their basic skills to advance their reading fluency and exactness in articulation learning additional rules of Tajweed and the structure of Qur'aanic Arabic.
Fatimah Ali
Young Scholars Qur'aanic Arabic - Level 2
Every Sunday 10am-12pm CST

Would you like to read Qur'aanic Arabic and understand it?
Do you seek the deeper meanings in Qur'aan beyond the English translation?

This is the course for you!

Swiyya Haqq
Prog in Qur'aanic Arabic Grammar - Level 1
Every Monday 6:30pm-8:30pm CST

Introduction to Qur'aanic Arabic
Grammar - Levels 1 & 2

The introductory course levels focus on identifying the parts of speech, understanding noun case endings, the nominative and verbal sentences, genitive construct, relative nouns, relative clauses, pronouns, and plurals.  While the progression course advances the student in more complex sentence structures involving verbs, plurals, and clauses, while teaching them the relationship to each other in deriving meaning.

Progression in Qur'aanic Arabic
Grammar - Level 1

Na'imah Mustafa
Intro to Qur'aanic Arabic Grammar - Level 2
Every Monday 11am-1pm CST
tafseer of qur'aan COURSE

Are you interested in learning a more critical understand of Al-Fatiha?
Would you like to compare contemporary and historical Tafseer of Qur'aan?

This is the course for you!

Imam Hatim Hamidullah
Every Sunday 12:30pm-2:30pm CST

Tafseer & Thematic Analysis: Surah Al-Fatihah

This thought-provoking course gives explanation and interpretation of Surah Al-Fatiha, examining its reason for revelation and grammatical structure for deeper understanding. Along with historical Islamic sources, the Tafseer of Imam W. D. Mohammed is applied for comparative analysis of these opening versus, elucidating how these seven ayaat allow for the understanding of the entire Qur'aan.
Qur'aanic tajweed COURSES

Would you like to read Qur'aan with Tajweed and tarteel?
Do you love the sound of beautiful recitation?

A course in Tajweed is for you!

Intro to Qur'aanic Tajweed (1)
& Progressions in Qur'aanic Tajweed (2)

This is a two-part course, providing the skills and understanding of Tajweed rules to equip the student with the ability to improve and perfect their reading of Qur’aan. Some of the course topics include Al-Makhaarej (Exit Points) and As-Sefaat (Characteristics) of the Arabic letters, and rules of Meem and Noon sakenah in Part 1; and Al-Madood (Elongations), rules for Waqf (stopping), and levels of Ghunnah (nasal holding) in Part 2.
Aneesah Dawan
TAJWEED 1 - Every Monday & Wednesday
5pm-6pm CST
TAJWEED 2 - Every Tuesday & Thursday
5pm-6pm CST

Advancements in Qur'aanic Tajweed (3)
& Certification in Tajweed

Tajweed 3 provides guided reading in small group sessions for students who have successfully completed the first two levels of Tajweed but desire to continue in a structured reading environment to refine their knowledge and implementation of Tajweed rules.  Students who seek to not only perfect but obtain an Ijaza in Tajweed and become certified teachers may enter our Certification of Tajweed program.

listen to our learners

Our students love our commitment
to Qur'aan and approach to learning

Alhamdulilah it has been a wonderful journey to be in The Islamic Learning Institute as a student. I thank Allah for Sis Nadiyah and Sis Olaiya for the program. It has helped me to be more confident and to think with the Quran with the help of the discussion classes. I have completed the first level, now I am in the second level. I'm ready to start the Intro to Arabic Grammar in October. I recommend this program for brothers and sisters who want to learn Quranic Arabic.
abdullah el-amin
As Salaam Alaikum dear believers.
These sisters are great teachers. They have patience and are willing to work with you. They have given me the courage and strength to want to learn more and more each day. This class is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have also connected with other sisters all over America and we have become one big happy family. Thank you Islamic Learning Institute for your service to me. They taught me how to want to elevate in Qur'anic Arabic and has shown me how it relates to life.
Basimah Id-Deen
I thank Allah everyday for this class and these sisters who have decided to put it together and open the door for us to not only learn the Arabic of the Quran but receive our blessings while doing so with each Arabic word we recite. I have been wanting to join for sometime now and finally did! I have learned so much and my understanding of the Quran has grown immensely MaShaAllah.  I pray Allah blesses them and all those involved with the Islamic Learning Institute to continue reaching as many people as they can.
rasheedah muslem

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