ramadan session 2022

Developing A Conscious Subconscious:
Utilizing Brainwave Entrainment with Qur’aanic Stimulus for Healing and Study

Brain wave entrainment is a method of syncing the brainwaves with a specific stimulus by way of audio tones.  In this session we will examine different hypnotherapy techniques with a focus on Brainwave Entrainment to enhance learning.  Through examining Imam Qasim Ahmed's conscious mind versus the subconscious mind chart we will seek to understand how this process works in the study of Qur'aan.


April 29th


5-6PM (CST)
6-7PM (EST)







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our blessed presenter

Sulton Muhaymin

Sulton Muhaymin is an Electrical Engineer and Information Technology Consultant with over 25 years of experience, as well as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist running his own private practice for the past seven years.  Sulton has serviced a variety of clients from young to old, sick to healthy for a variety of condition using Hypnotherapy with great success.  His two areas of expertise come together in their use of technology to assist others in solving individual concerns with hypnotherapy, and to implement manufacturing, quality and supply chain systems for large scale operations in major companies.  Sulton is a student of Qur'aan progressing to Intermediate study in Arabic Grammar and Tajweed.
Patrick Jones - Course author