ramadan session 2022

Lessons From the Prophet's Ia'tikaaf:
May Your Last Days Be Your Best Days

It is understood that the Qur'aan was revealed during this blessed month of Ramadan on one if its last ten nights.  And during these last ten nights it is narrated by A'isha (RA) that Muhammed the Prophet (SAW) would exert more time and energy in devotion to Allah than any other time during Ramadan.  We will seek to learn from the Prophets Ia'tikaaf as a means for increase of our own worship and blessings during these final nights with the prayer that Allah will make our last days, our best days.


April 20th


6-7PM (CST)
7-8PM (EST)







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our blessed presenter

Aneesah Dawan

Hajjah Aneesah Dawan serves as an Advisory Committee member and Assistant Director of ILI. A life-long student of Qur'aan, Aneesah studied under Imam Qasim Ahmed (ra) for many years. She has both secular and religious training with a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies, as well as a 2-year Arabic Language Certification from Abu Nour University in Damascus, Syria.
Patrick Jones - Course author