Individual Study in Qur'aanic Tajweed (SM24)

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  • Instructor: Aneesah Dawan & Qualified ILI Instructors
  • 12-Week Summer Semester Dates:
    April 28, 2024 - July 25, 2024
Course overview
This course provides individual reading sessions for students who have completed Tajweed Levels 1 and 2, and desire one-on-one attention to improve their Tajweed.  The purpose of this course is to allow students a personal reading environment with a Tajweed instructor to continue refining their knowledge, implementation and understanding of the Tajweed rules.  Students are able to go at their pace and receive focused attention as they read through the whole of Qur'aan seeking exact recitation and constant improvement with each session.  This course is offered for $300 to include a total of 12, 30-minute sessions.  These sessions may be used in anyway over the course of the 12-week semester.  Or students may opt for a subscription based plan to allow payment each month.  The subscription option allows students to choose 30-minute weekly sessions or 1-hour weekly sessions which may be broken down into two 30-minute sessions weekly.
Course pre-requisites
Progressions in Qur'aanic Tajweed-2 or Course Equivalent (Testing Required)
course day & time
TBD - Schedule is based on student availability and will include options for evening or morning reading time.

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Why take this course in the science of Tajweed?

  • Small Group Sessions
  • Reinforcement of Rules
  • One on One Availability
  • Tri-weekly Reading
  • Refined Ear for Tajweed

Learn In a Community of Care

We are focused on what is important, you.  The journey of Qur'aanic Arabic fluency is one that requires patience, care, and concern for the learner and the language, which is what we focus upon at ILI.

Peer to Peer Support

The smaller group sessions in this Tajweed course allow for increased social connections among readers and allows for participants to build on each other's strengths.
Meet the instructor

Aneesah Dawan

Hajjah Aneesah Dawan serves as an Advisory Committee member and Assistant Director of ILI. A life-long student of Qur'aan, Aneesah studied under Imam Qasim Ahmed (ra) for many years.  She has both secular and religious training with a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies, as well as a 2-year Arabic Language Certification from Abu Nour University in Damascus, Syria.
Patrick Jones - Course author