Qur'aanic Arabic Reading Fluency - Part C

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  • Instructor: Nadiyah Ahmad
  • 12-Week Summer Semester Dates:
    April 28 - July 25, 2024
Course overview
The goal of this course is to offer necessary skills preparing participants for progression into Intro to Tajweed with a sufficient level of reading fluency. Students will participate in bi-weekly focused reading sessions aimed at solidifying their rule implementation through repetition.  Additional bi-weekly small group sessions will allow readers more individualized study. Small group assignments will come from Surah outside of the last 30th of Qur'aan to improve their rule implementation when reading unfamiliar ayaat.
course pre-requisites
Qur'aanic Reading Fluency B or Course Equivalent (Testing Required)
course day & time
9:00-10:30AM (CST)
10:00-11:30AM (EST)
7:00-8:30AM (PST)
Lab Schedule: M-Th TBD

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Why should you enroll in Reading Fluency?

  • Bi-Weekly Class Reading
  • Small Group Sessions
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Individual Attention
  • Supportive Instruction

Learn In a Community of Care

We are focused on what is important, you. The journey of Qur'aanic Arabic fluency is one that requires patience, care, and concern for the learner and the language, which is what we focus upon at ILI.

Building a Fluency Family

Your Reading Fluency group will become like family. The small group reading session allows for individual attention to correct and grown in your fluency. As you grow in your connection to Qur'aan, you will also grow your relationships with others on the same journey.
Meet the instructor

Nadiyah Ahmad

Nadiyah Ahmad is the Director of Islamic Learning Institute. She has worked for 24 years alongside her late husband, Imam Qasim Ahmed (RA) in building and growing ILI. Sister Nadiyah holds a BS in Education and a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction. As a lifelong educator in both private and public sectors, Sister Nadiyah uses her curriculum and instruction background to create learning materials and programs for ILI.
Patrick Jones - Course author