12-Week Spring Semester Course Dates: Jan. 9 - April 2, 2022

Young Scholars Beginning Arabic Level 2

Days and Time: Sunday 10:00am-12:00pm (CST)
This progressive movement in the study of Qur'aanic Arabic will inspire in your young scholar a stronger appetite for learning the language of the Qur'aan. Students will learn more critical skills for reading the Arabic, such as the definite article with the sun and moon letters rule, more madd rules, and diacritic marks such as the two hamzas and much more.

Course Pre-Requisites: Young Scholars Beginning Arabic Level 1 or Course Equivalent (Testing Required)
Book Requirements: Activity Workbook

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What are the benefits of this Young Scholars course?

  • 12 Live Sessions
  • Peer to Peer Engagement
  • Fun Arabic Reinforcement
  • Video Playbacks
  • Progressive Curriculum

The Young Scholars Path

The beginning of the Young Scholars path is to master Qur'aanic Arabic. This course is the beginning of a curriculum aiming to expand their hearts and minds to understanding Allah's majesty and mercy.

Social and Cultural Connections

Aiding scholars in building a relationship with Qur'aan, while building relationships with other Muslim youth is a benefit with immeasurable impact. 
Meet the instructor

Fatimah Ali

Courses Taught: Young Scholars Beginning Qur'aanic Arabic - Levels 1 and 2
Patrick Jones - Course author