12-Week Spring Semester Course Dates: Jan. 9 - April 2, 2022

Progressions in Qur'aanic Tajweed (2)

Days and Time: Tuesday & Thursday 5:00pm to 6:00pm (CST)
This is Part 2 of a two-part course, providing the skills and understanding of Tajweed rules to equip the student with the ability to improve and perfect their reading of Qur’aan. Course topics include Al-Madood (Elongations) in Arabic reading, rules and symbols for Waqf (stopping), levels of Ghunnah (nasal holding), different types of Idghaam (blending), and more.

Course Pre-requisites: Introduction to Qur'aanic Tajweed or Course Equivalent (Testing Required)
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Why take this course in the science of Tajweed?

  • 12 Modules
  • Bi-weekly Live Sessions
  • Weekly Individual Sessions
  • Video Playbacks
  • Daily Fajr Reading

Learn In a Community of Care

We are focused on what is important, you.  The journey of Qur'aanic Arabic fluency is one that requires patience, care, and concern for the learner and the language, which is what we focus upon at ILI.

One on One Instruction

Tajweed is a precise discipline and no two readers are the same.  For this reason, this course includes weekly one on one sessions to focus on the exact areas needed to improve your reading of Qur'aan.
Meet the instructor

Aneesah Dawan

Hajjah Aneesah Dawan serves as an Advisory Committee member and Assistant Director of ILI. A life-long student of Qur'aan, Aneesah studied under Imam Qasim Ahmed (ra) for many years.  She has both secular and religious training with a BA in Philosophy and Religious Studies, as well as a 2-year Arabic Language Certification from Abu Nour University in Damascus, Syria.
Patrick Jones - Course author