12-Week Spring Semester Course Dates: Jan. 9 - April 2, 2022

Introduction to Qur'aanic Arabic Sunday Section

Days and Time: Sunday 9:00am to 10:30am (CST)
This course is structured to provide any learner with the foundation to begin their Qur'aanic Arabic journey.  You will gain proven memorization techniques, an understanding of vowels and markings, system letter and word formation, Sun and Moon letters, Arabic numbers, as well as build vocabulary. Students will progress to writing Surah Al-Faatehah and guided Qur’aanic reading with a focus on correct pronunciation by the end of this course through the aid of weekly language labs for practice.  This course is offered on both Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings.

Book Requirements: "Basic Keys to Learning Qur'aanic Arabic" and "Activity Workbook"
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What will you gain from an Introduction to Qur'aanic Arabic ?

  • 12 Modules
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Weekly Language Labs
  • Video Playbacks
  • System of Progression

Learn In a Community of Care

We are focused on what is important, you.  The journey of Qur'aanic Arabic fluency is one that requires patience, care, and concern for the learner and the language, which is what we focus upon at ILI.

Read and Connect With Qur'aan

Read was the first command to Muhammed the Prophet (SAW).  And In just a few short weeks you will be able to connect with the symbols in Qur'aan to make sounds.  Sounds become words, words become sentences, and sentences bring about meaning.
Meet the instructor

Nadiyah Said-West

Hajjah Nadiyah Said-West is a graduate of Sister Clara Mohammed School where she began her early studies in Qur'anic Arabic. She is a student of Imam W. D. Mohammed and has studied Qur'anic Arabic with a multitude of scholars within this community. Daughter of Hajjah Valerie Good and the late Bro. Musheer Muhammad (RA), Nadiyah holds a BA in Psychology, a MS in Social Work and a BS in Nursing.  Nadiyah continues to strengthen her understanding of Qur'aanic Arabic with her study of Tajweed with ILI and Advanced Qur'aanic Grammar with Imam Abdullah Rasheed.  Courses Taught: Introduction to Qur'aanic Arabic
Patrick Jones - Course author