Introduction to Qur’aanic Arabic Grammar – Level 1

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  • Instructor: Na'imah Mustafa
  • 12-Week Winter Semester Dates:
    December 17, 2023 - March 8, 2024
Course overview
Introductory course, using techniques developed by Imam Qasim Ahmed, that focuses on the role of Al-Qawaa’ed (briefly), identifying the parts of speech, understanding noun case endings, the simple nominative sentence, genitive construct, the simple verbal sentence, and pronouns.
Course pre-requisites
Beginning Qur'aanic Arabic or Course Equivalent (Testing Required), Reading Fluency A is highly recommended
course day & time
5:30-7:00PM (CST)
6:30-8:00PM (EST)
3:30-5:00PM (PST)
Lab Day & Time: TBD

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Why study Qur'aanic Arabic Grammar?

  • 12 Modules
  • Weekly Live Sessions
  • Qur'aan Focused Practice
  • Video Playbacks
  • Gradual Progression

Learn In a Community of Care

We are focused on what is important, you.  The journey of Qur'aanic Arabic fluency is one that requires patience, care, and concern for the learner and the language, which is what we focus upon at ILI.

Immediate Qur'aanic Application

Application is key.  Each lesson has immediate function towards your understanding of Qur'aan in its initial reading for understanding and its ever evolving understanding that progresses you with each module. 
Meet the instructor

Na'imah Mustafa

a'imah Mustafa is a mother, scientist and life-long student of Qur'aan. Na'imah has built upon her knowledge of Qur'aanic Arabic and Grammar through many teachers including Muslim American Logic Institute (M.A.L.I.), works of Imam Qasim Ahmed, and most recently through intensive study and courses in Advanced Grammar Levels 1 and 2 with Imam Abdullah Rasheed. Courses Taught: Introduction to Qur'aanic Arabic Grammar - Levels 1, 2 and 3.
Patrick Jones - Course author